Key English Chinese (Simplified)
unlockedReward You have received <%= reward %> 你收到了<%= reward %>
earnedRewardForDevotion You have earned <%= reward %> for being committed to improving your life. 因为努力地改善自己的生活,你赢得了一个<%= reward %>。
nextRewardUnlocksIn Check-ins until your next prize: <%= numberOfCheckinsLeft %> 距离下次战利品掉落的所需签到次数:<%= numberOfCheckinsLeft %>
awesome Awesome! 哟嚯!!
incentivesDescription When it comes to building habits, consistency is key. Each day you check-in you get closer to a prize. 要养成习惯,坚持是关键!每次签到都让你离目标更近一步。
checkinEarned Your Check-In Counter went up! 你的签到总次数又升高了!
unlockedCheckInReward You unlocked a Check-In Prize! 你解锁了一个签到奖励!
checkinProgressTitle Progress until next 签到进度
incentiveBackgroundsUnlockedWithCheckins Locked Plain Backgrounds will unlock with Daily Check-Ins. 现在锁着的简约背景套装会通过每日签到解锁。
oneOfAllPetEggs one of each standard Pet Egg 每种标准宠物蛋各一个
twoOfAllPetEggs two of each standard Pet Egg 每种标准宠物蛋各两个
threeOfAllPetEggs three of each standard Pet Egg 每种标准宠物蛋各三个
oneOfAllHatchingPotions one of each standard Hatching Potion 每种标准孵化药水各一个
threeOfEachFood three of each standard Pet Food 每种标准宠物食物各三个
fourOfEachFood four of each standard Pet Food 每种标准宠物食物各四个
twoSaddles two Saddles 两个鞍
threeSaddles three Saddles 三个鞍
incentiveAchievement the Royally Loyal achievement 忠实信徒成就
royallyLoyal Royally Loyal 忠实信徒
royallyLoyalText This user has checked in over 500 times, and has earned every Check-In Prize! 这位村民在Habitica居住超过了500天,已经得到了所有的签到奖励!