Key English English (en@lolcat)
unlockedReward You have received <%= reward %> U haz recieved <%= reward %>
earnedRewardForDevotion You have earned <%= reward %> for being committed to improving your life. U haz ernd <%= reward %> 4 bean commitd 2 improovin ur life.
nextRewardUnlocksIn Check-ins until your next prize: <%= numberOfCheckinsLeft %> Chek-inz til ur next priez: <%= numberOfCheckinsLeft %>
awesome Awesome! Awsum!
incentivesDescription When it comes to building habits, consistency is key. Each day you check-in you get closer to a prize. Wen it coemz 2 bildin habitz, consistency iz srsly important! Eech dai u chek-in u get closr 2 priez.
checkinEarned Your Check-In Counter went up! Ur Chek-In Countr goed up!
unlockedCheckInReward You unlocked a Check-In Prize! U can haz Chek-In Priez!!!!
checkinProgressTitle Progress until next Progres til next
incentiveBackgroundsUnlockedWithCheckins Locked Plain Backgrounds will unlock with Daily Check-Ins. Lokd Plane Bakgroundz wil unlok wif Daily Chek-Inz.
oneOfAllPetEggs one of each standard Pet Egg 1 ov eech standrd Pet Egg
twoOfAllPetEggs two of each standard Pet Egg 2 ov eech standrd Pet Egg
threeOfAllPetEggs three of each standard Pet Egg 3 ov eech standrd Pet Egg
oneOfAllHatchingPotions one of each standard Hatching Potion 1 ov eech standrd Hatchin Poshun
threeOfEachFood three of each standard Pet Food 3 ov eech standrd Pet Food
fourOfEachFood four of each standard Pet Food 4 ov eech standrd Pet Food
twoSaddles two Saddles 2 Sadlez
threeSaddles three Saddles 3 Sadlez
incentiveAchievement the Royally Loyal achievement teh Royely Loyel acheevment
royallyLoyal Royally Loyal Royely Loyel
royallyLoyalText This user has checked in over 500 times, and has earned every Check-In Prize! Dis usr haz chekd in ovar 500 tiemz, an haz ernd evry Chek-In Priez!