Key English Sinhala
spring2019AmberMageSet Amber (Mage)
aprilYYYY April <%= year %>
winter2021ArcticExplorerHealerSet Arctic Explorer (Healer)
augustYYYY August <%= year %>
eventAvailabilityReturning Available for purchase until <%= availableDate(locale) %>. This potion was last available in <%= previousDate(locale) %>.
battleRogueSet Bat-tle (Rogue) Bat-tle Rogue (Rogue)
summer2018BettaFishWarriorSet Betta Fish (Warrior) Betta Fish Warrior (Warrior)
fall2016BlackWidowSet Black Widow (Rogue) Black Widow Rogue (Rogue)
fall2021BrainEaterMageSet Brain Eater (Mage)
winter2020CarolOfTheMageSet Carol of the Mage (Mage)
spring2019CloudRogueSet Cloud (Rogue)
summer2021ClownfishRogueSet Clownfish (Rogue)
cocoaSet Cocoa (Rogue) Cocoa Rogue (Rogue)
summer2019ConchHealerSet Conch (Healer)
winter2018ConfettiSet Confetti (Mage) Confetti Mage (Mage)
summer2020CrocodileRogueSet Crocodile (Rogue)
fall2019CyclopsSet Cyclops (Mage)
fall2020DeathsHeadMothHealerSet Death's Head Moth (Healer)
decemberYYYY December <%= year %>
summer2016DolphinMageSet Dolphin (Mage) Dolphin Mage (Mage)