Key English Basque
annoyingFriends Annoying Friends
annoyingFriendsText Got snowballed <%= count %> times by party members.
alarmingFriends Alarming Friends
alarmingFriendsText Got spooked <%= count %> times by party members.
agriculturalFriends Agricultural Friends
agriculturalFriendsText Got transformed into a flower <%= count %> times by party members.
aquaticFriends Aquatic Friends
aquaticFriendsText Got splashed <%= count %> times by party members.
valentineCard Valentine's Day Card
valentineCardExplanation For enduring such a saccharine poem, you both receive the "Adoring Friends" badge!
valentineCardNotes Send a Valentine's Day card to a party member.
valentine0 "Roses are red

My Dailies are blue

I'm happy that I'm

In a Party with you!"
valentine1 "Roses are red

Violets are nice

Let's get together

And fight against Vice!"
valentine2 "Roses are red

This poem style is old

I hope that you like this

'Cause it cost ten Gold."
valentine3 "Roses are red

Ice Drakes are blue

No treasure is better

Than time spent with you!"
valentineCardAchievementTitle Adoring Friends
valentineCardAchievementText Aww, you and your friend must really care about each other! Sent or received <%= count %> Valentine's Day cards.
polarBear Polar Bear
turkey Turkey
gildedTurkey Gilded Turkey