Key English English (Pirate) (en@pirate)
aprilYYYY April <%= year %>
dateEndDecember December 31
fall2021BrainEaterMageSet Brain Eater (Mage)
fall2021FlameSummonerHealerSet Flame Summoner (Healer)
fall2021HeadlessWarriorSet Headless (Warrior)
fall2021OozeRogueSet Ooze (Rogue)
fall2022HarpyMageSet Harpy (Mage)
fall2022KappaRogueSet Kappa (Rogue)
fall2022OrcWarriorSet Orc (Warrior)
fall2022WatcherHealerSet Peeker (Healer)
februaryYYYY February <%= year %>
gemSaleHow Between <%= eventStartMonth %> <%= eventStartOrdinal %> and <%= eventEndOrdinal %>, simply purchase any Gem bundle like usual and your account will be credited with the promotional amount of Gems. More Gems to spend, share, or save for any future releases!
gemSaleLimitations This promotion only applies during the limited time event. This event starts on <%= eventStartMonth %> <%= eventStartOrdinal %> at 8:00 AM EDT (12:00 UTC) and will end <%= eventStartMonth %> <%= eventEndOrdinal %> at 8:00 PM EDT (00:00 UTC). The promo offer is only available when buying Gems for yourself.
januaryYYYY January <%= year %>
julyYYYY July <%= year %>
noLongerAvailable This item is no longer available.
octoberYYYY October <%= year %>
spring2022ForsythiaMageSet Forsythia (Mage)
spring2022MagpieRogueSet Magpie (Rogue)
spring2022PeridotHealerSet Peridot (Healer)