Key English Urdu (Pakistan)
assignedTo Assigned to Assign To
assignedToMembers <%= userCount %> users Assigned to <%= userCount %> members
assignedToUser Assigned: <strong>@<%- userName %></strong> Assigned to <strong><%- userName %></strong>
assignedToYouAndMembers <strong>You</strong>, <%= userCount %> users Assigned to you and <%= userCount %> members
glossary <a target='_blank' href=''>Glossary</a> <a target='_blank' href=''>فَرہَنگِی</a>
markdownFormattingHelp [Markdown formatting help]( [Markdown formatting help](
taskNeedsWork <span class="notification-bold"><%- taskText %></span> was unchecked by <span class="notification-bold">@<%- managerName %></span>. Your rewards for completing the task were reverted. <span class="notification-bold"><%- managerName %></span> marked <span class="notification-bold"><%- taskText %></span> as needing additional work.
youAreAssigned Assigned: <strong>you</strong> Assigned to you