Key English Latvian
bannedWordsAllowed Allow banned words
assignedDateAndUser Assigned by <strong>@<%- username %></strong> on <strong><%= date %></strong>
assignedDateOnly Assigned on <strong><%= date %></strong>
youAreAssigned Assigned to you You are assigned to this task
assignedTo Assign To Assigned To
glossary <a target='_blank' href=''>Glossary</a> <a target='_blank' href=''>Glossary</a>
chooseTeamMember Choose a team member
claimRewards Claim Rewards
copyAsTodo Copy as To Do Copy as To-Do
copyMessageAsToDo Copy message as To Do Copy message as To-Do
PMDisabled Disable Private Messages
editGuild Edit Guild
editParty Edit Party
usernameOrUserId Enter @username or User ID
newPartyPlaceholder Enter your party's name.
features Features
joinGuild Join Guild
joinParty Join Party
languageSettings Language Settings
leaveGuild Leave Guild