Key English Cebuano
tavern Tavern Chat
tavernChat Tavern Chat
innCheckOutBanner You are currently checked into the Inn. Your Dailies won't damage you and you won't make progress towards Quests.
innCheckOutBannerShort You are checked into the Inn.
resumeDamage Resume Damage
helpfulLinks Helpful Links
lookingForGroup Looking for Group (Party Wanted) Posts
dataDisplayTool Data Display Tool
requestFeature Request a Feature
askQuestionGuild Ask a Question (Habitica Help guild)
contributing Contributing
faq FAQ
tutorial Tutorial
glossary <a target='_blank' href=''>Glossary</a>
wiki Wiki
resources Resources
communityGuidelines Community Guidelines
bannedWordUsed Oops! Looks like this post contains a swearword or reference to an addictive substance or adult topic (<%= swearWordsUsed %>). Habitica keeps our chat very clean. Feel free to edit your message so you can post it! You must remove the word, not just censor it.
bannedSlurUsed Your post contained inappropriate language, and your chat privileges have been revoked.
party Party