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Key English Belarusian
stringNotFound String '<%= string %>' not found. String '<%= string %>' not found.
onward Onward! Onward!
done Done Done
gotIt Got it! Got it!
titleTimeTravelers Time Travelers Time Travelers
titleSeasonalShop Seasonal Shop Seasonal Shop
saveEdits Save Edits Save Edits
showMore Show More Show More
showLess Show Less Show Less
markdownHelpLink Markdown formatting help Markdown formatting help
bold **Bold** **Bold**
markdownImageEx ![mandatory alt text]( "optional mouseover title") ![mandatory alt text]( "optional mouseover title")
achievements Achievements Achievements
basicAchievs Basic Achievements Basic Achievements
seasonalAchievs Seasonal Achievements Seasonal Achievements
specialAchievs Special Achievements Special Achievements
modalAchievement Achievement! Achievement!
market Market Market
newSubscriberItem You have new <span class="notification-bold-blue">Mystery Items</span> You have new <span class="notification-bold-blue">Mystery Items</span>
all All All