Key English Scots
weaponCapitalized Main-Hand Item Main-Hand Item
weaponBase0Text No Weapon Nae Wapen
weaponBase0Notes No Weapon. Nae Wapen.
weaponWarrior0Text Training Sword Trainin Swuird
weaponWarrior0Notes Practice weapon. Confers no benefit. Practice wapen. Confers nae benefit.
weaponWarrior1Text Sword Swuird
weaponWarrior1Notes Common soldier's blade. Increases Strength by <%= str %>. Common sodger's blade. Increases Strenth bi <%= str %>.
weaponWarrior2Text Axe Aix
weaponWarrior2Notes Double-bitted chopping weapon. Increases Strength by <%= str %>. Double-bit choppin wapen. Increases Strenth bi <%= str %>
weaponWarrior3Text Morning Star Morning Starn
weaponWarrior3Notes Heavy club with brutal spikes. Increases Strength by <%= str %>. Hivy club wi brutal spikes. Increases Strenth bi <%= str %>.
weaponWarrior4Text Sapphire Blade Sapphire Blade
weaponWarrior4Notes Sword whose edge bites like the north wind. Increases Strength by <%= str %>. Swuird whase edge bites like the north wind. Increases Strenth bi <%= str %>.
weaponWarrior5Text Ruby Sword Ruby Swuird
weaponWarrior5Notes Weapon whose forge-glow never fades. Increases Strength by <%= str %>. Wapen whase forge-glowe niver dwynes. Increases Strenth bi <%= str %>.
weaponWarrior6Text Golden Sword Gowden Swuird
weaponWarrior6Notes Bane of creatures of darkness. Increases Strength by <%= str %>. Bane o creatures o mirkness. Increases Strenth bi <%= str %>.
weaponRogue0Text Dagger Dagger
weaponRogue0Notes A rogue's most basic weapon. Confers no benefit. A skellum's maist basic wapen. Confers nae benefit.
weaponRogue1Text Short Sword Short Swuird