Key English Hawaiian
weaponSpecialFall2019WarriorText Talon Trident
weaponSpecialFall2019WarriorNotes Prepare to rend your foes with the talons of a raven! Increases Strength by <%= str %>. Limited Edition 2019 Autumn Gear.
weaponSpecialFall2019MageText One-Eyed Staff
weaponSpecialFall2019MageNotes Be it forging thunderbolts, raising fortifications, or simply striking terror into the hearts of mortals, this staff lends the power of giants to work wonders. Increases Intelligence by <%= int %> and Perception by <%= per %>. Limited Edition 2019 Autumn Gear.
weaponSpecialFall2019HealerText Fearsome Phylactery
weaponSpecialFall2019HealerNotes This phylactery can call on the spirits of tasks long slain and use their healing power. Increases Intelligence by <%= int %>. Limited Edition 2019 Autumn Gear.
weaponArmoireChefsSpoonText Chef's Spoon
weaponArmoireChefsSpoonNotes Raise it as you release your battle cry: “SPOOOON!!” Increases Intelligence by <%= int %>. Enchanted Armoire: Chef Set (Item 3 of 4).
weaponArmoireVernalTaperText Vernal Taper
weaponArmoireVernalTaperNotes The days are getting longer, but this candle will help you find your way before sunrise. Increases Constitution by <%= con %>. Enchanted Armoire: Vernal Vestments Set (Item 3 of 3).
weaponArmoireJugglingBallsText Juggling Balls
weaponArmoireJugglingBallsNotes Habiticans are master multi-taskers, so you should have no trouble keeping all these balls in the air! Increases Intelligence by <%= int %>. Enchanted Armoire: Independent Item.
weaponArmoireSlingshotText Slingshot
weaponArmoireSlingshotNotes Take aim at your red Dailies! Increases Strength by <%= str %>. Enchanted Armoire: Independent Item.
weaponArmoireNephriteBowText Nephrite Bow
weaponArmoireNephriteBowNotes This bow shoots special jade-tipped arrows that will take down even your most stubborn bad habits! Increases Intelligence by <%= int %> and Strength by <%= str %>. Enchanted Armoire: Nephrite Archer Set (Item 1 of 3).
weaponArmoireBambooCaneText Bamboo Cane
weaponArmoireBambooCaneNotes Perfect for assisting you in a stroll, or for dancing the Charleston. Increases Intelligence, Perception, and Constitution by <%= attrs %> each. Enchanted Armoire: Boating Set (Item 3 of 3).
weaponArmoireAstronomersTelescopeText Astronomer's Telescope
weaponArmoireAstronomersTelescopeNotes An instrument that will allow you to observe the stars' ancient dance. Increases Perception by <%= per %>. Enchanted Armoire: Astronomer Mage Set (Item 3 of 3).