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marketing1Lead1Title Your Life, the Role Playing Game
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pkAnswer8 You can find lots of testimonials for how Habitica has helped people here:
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pkQuestion4 Why does skipping tasks remove your avatar’s health?
pkQuestion2 Why does Habitica work?
pkQuestion7 Why does Habitica use pixel art?
pkQuestion3 Why did you add social features?
pkQuestion6 Who is the typical user of Habitica?
marketing2Lead1 While you can play Habitica solo, the lights really turn on when you start collaborating, competing, and holding each other accountable. The most effective part of any self-improvement program is social accountability, and what better an environment for accountability and competition than a video game?
schoolAndWorkDesc Whether you're preparing a report for your teacher or your boss, it's easy to keep track of your progress as you tackle your toughest tasks.
marketing2Lead2 What's a Role Playing Game without battles? Fight monsters with your party. Monsters are "super accountability mode" - a day you miss the gym is a day the monster hurts *everyone!*
pkQuestion1 What inspired Habitica? How did it start?
pkQuestion5 What distinguishes Habitica from other gamification programs?
pkWebsite Website
marketing4Lead3-1 Want to gamify your life?
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