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marketing2Lead3 Challenges let you compete with friends and strangers. Whoever does the best at the end of a challenge wins special prizes.
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marketing3Lead1 The **iPhone & Android** apps let you take care of business on the go. We realize that logging into the website to click buttons can be a drag.
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marketing3Lead2 Other **3rd Party Tools** tie Habitica into various aspects of your life. Our API provides easy integration for things like the [Chrome Extension](, for which you lose points when browsing unproductive websites, and gain points when on productive ones. [See more here](,_Add-Ons,_and_Customizations).
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marketing4Lead1 Education is one of the best sectors for gamification. We all know how glued to phones and games students are these days; harness that power! Pit your students against each other in friendly competition. Reward good behavior with rare prizes. Watch their grades and behavior soar.
marketing4Lead1Title Gamification In Education
marketing4Lead2 Health care costs are on the rise, and something's gotta give. Hundreds of programs are built to reduce costs and improve wellness. We believe Habitica can pave a substantial path towards healthy lifestyles.
marketing4Lead2Title Gamification In Health and Wellness
marketing4Lead3-1 Want to gamify your life?
marketing4Lead3-2 Interested in running a group in education, wellness, and more?
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