Key English Lojban
schoolTodoText Finish assignment for class
defaultTag2 Exercise Exercise
selfCareTodoText Engage in a fun activity
defaultHabit4Notes Either a Habit, a Daily, or a To Do Either a Habit, a Daily, or a To-Do
defaultHabit2Text Eat Junk Food (Click the pencil to edit) nu citka su'o jai kanryjdikyri'a (to stika se pi'o lo pinsi .itkona toi)
healthHabit Eat Health/Junk Food
defaultTag7 Creativity Creativity
defaultHabitText Click here to edit this into a bad habit you'd like to quit
defaultTag6 Chores Chores
defaultHabit4Text Add a task to Habitica Add a task to Habitica
selfCareDailyText 5 minutes of quiet breathing
defaultReward1Text 15 minute break 15 minute break
choresHabit 10 minutes cleaning
exerciseHabit 10 min cardio >> + 10 minutes cardio