Key English Lojban
exerciseTodoNotes Tap to add a checklist!
defaultHabit3Text Take the Stairs/Elevator (Click the pencil to edit) Take the Stairs/Elevator (Click the pencil to edit)
selfCareHabit Take a short break
schoolHabit Study/Procrastinate
creativityHabit Study a master of the craft >> + Practiced a new creative technique
exerciseDailyText Stretching >> Daily workout routine
exerciseTodoText Set up workout schedule
defaultTag4 School School
healthTodoText Schedule check-up >> Brainstorm a healthy change
defaultReward2Text Reward yourself Reward yourself
defaultHabit1Text Productive Work (Click the pencil to edit) nu gunka ja'e su'o xamgu (to stika se pi'o lo pinsi .itkona toi)
workHabitMail Process email
choresTodoText Organize closet >> Organize clutter
defaultHabitNotes Or delete from the edit screen
workDailyImportantTask Most important task >> Worked on today’s most important task
defaultTodo1Text Join Habitica (Check me off!) Join Habitica (Check me off!)
defaultTag3 Health + Wellness Health + Wellness
healthDailyText Floss
schoolDailyText Finish homework
creativityTodoText Finish creative project