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Key English English (Pirate) (en@pirate)
defaultHabit1Text Productive Work (Click the pencil to edit) Productive Work (Click th' pencil t' edit)
defaultHabit2Text Eat Junk Food (Click the pencil to edit) Eating thy Grimey Snail (click thar quill to change)
defaultHabit3Text Take the Stairs/Elevator (Click the pencil to edit) Take th' Stairs/Elevator (Click th' pencil t' edit)
defaultHabit4Text Add a task to Habitica Add a task t' Habitica
defaultHabit4Notes Either a Habit, a Daily, or a To Do Either a Habit, a Daily, or a T' Do
defaultTodo1Text Join Habitica (Check me off!) Join Habitica (Ye should check me off!)
defaultTodoNotes You can either complete this To Do, edit it, or remove it. Ye can either complete this T' Do, edit it, or remove it.
defaultReward1Text 15 minute break Fifteen minute break
defaultReward2Text Reward yourself Reward yerself
defaultReward2Notes Watch TV, play a game, eat a treat, it's up to you! Watch TV, play a game, eat a treat, it's up t' ye!
defaultTag1 Work W'rk
defaultTag2 Exercise Exercisin'
defaultTag3 Health + Wellness Health an' Wellness
defaultTag4 School Hall o' Learnin'
defaultTag5 Teams Shipmates
defaultTag6 Chores Yer Chores
defaultTag7 Creativity Creativ'ty
workHabitMail Process email Look through mail
workDailyImportantTask Most important task >> Worked on today’s most important task Mos' important task >> Work't on t'day's mos' important task
workDailyImportantTaskNotes Tap to specify your most important task Tap t' spes'fy yer mos' important task