Key English English (en@lolcat)
defaultHabitNotes Or delete from the edit screen Or delet frum teh edit screen
choresTodoText Organize closet >> Organize clutter Organize closet >> Organize cluttr
workHabitMail Process email Proces email
defaultHabit1Text Productive Work (Click the pencil to edit) Pruductive Wurk (Click teh pencul 2 edits)
defaultReward2Text Reward yourself Reward urself
exerciseTodoText Set up workout schedule Set up werkowt skedul
healthTodoText Schedule check-up >> Brainstorm a healthy change Skedul chekup >> Branestorm healthee change
defaultTag4 School Skul
exerciseDailyText Stretching >> Daily workout routine Stretchin >> Daily werkowt rewtine
schoolHabit Study/Procrastinate Studie/Procrastinaet
creativityHabit Study a master of the craft >> + Practiced a new creative technique Study master of teh craf >> + Practicd new creatif techneek
defaultHabit3Text Take the Stairs/Elevator (Click the pencil to edit) Taek teh Stairs/Elevator (Click teh pencil 2 edit)
exerciseTodoNotes Tap to add a checklist! Tap 2 add cheklis!
healthTodoNotes Tap to add checklists! Tap 2 add cheklistz!
schoolDailyNotes Tap to choose your homework schedule! Tap 2 choosed ur hoemwerk skedul!
selfCareDailyNotes Tap to choose your schedule! Tap 2 choosed ur skedul!
choresDailyNotes Tap to choose your schedule! Tap 2 choosed ur skedul!
exerciseDailyNotes Tap to choose your schedule and specify exercises! Tap 2 choosed ur skedul an specify exercizez!
healthDailyNotes Tap to make any changes! Tap 2 maek any changez!
schoolTodoNotes Tap to name the assignment and choose a due date! TAP 2 NAEM TEH ASINMNT AN CHOOS DUE DAET!!