Key English English (en@lolcat)
schoolDailyText Finish homework Finish hoemwerk
schoolHabit Study/Procrastinate Studie/Procrastinaet
schoolTodoNotes Tap to name the assignment and choose a due date! TAP 2 NAEM TEH ASINMNT AN CHOOS DUE DAET!!
schoolTodoText Finish assignment for class Finish asignmnt for claz
selfCareDailyNotes Tap to choose your schedule! Tap 2 choosed ur skedul!
selfCareDailyText 5 minutes of quiet breathing 5 minuets of kwiet breevin
selfCareHabit Take a short break Tek short brek
selfCareTodoNotes Tap to specify what you plan to do! Tap 2 specify wat u plan 2 do!
selfCareTodoText Engage in a fun activity I can haz fun activitie
workDailyImportantTask Most important task >> Worked on today’s most important task Most emportant task >> Werkd on todayz most emportant task
workDailyImportantTaskNotes Tap to specify your most important task Tap 2 specify ur most emportant task
workHabitMail Process email Proces email
workTodoProject Work project >> Complete work project Werk projekd >> Complet werk projekd
workTodoProjectNotes Tap to specify the name of your current project + set a due date! Tap 2 specify teh naem of ur currnt projekd + set due daet!