Key English English (en@lolcat)
exerciseTodoText Set up workout schedule Set up werkowt skedul
exerciseTodoNotes Tap to add a checklist! Tap 2 add cheklis!
exerciseHabit 10 min cardio >> + 10 minutes cardio 10 min cardio >> + 10 minuets cardio
exerciseDailyText Stretching >> Daily workout routine Stretchin >> Daily werkowt rewtine
exerciseDailyNotes Tap to choose your schedule and specify exercises! Tap 2 choosed ur skedul an specify exercizez!
defaultTodoNotes You can either complete this To Do, edit it, or remove it. U CAN COMPLEET DIS TO DO, CHAENG IT, OR DELEET IT.
defaultTodo1Text Join Habitica (Check me off!) Join Habitica (Chek me off pls!)
defaultTag7 Creativity Creatiftie
defaultTag6 Chores Chorz
defaultTag5 Teams Teams
defaultTag4 School Skul
defaultTag3 Health + Wellness Helth + Welnes
defaultTag2 Exercise Exerciz
defaultTag1 Work Wurk
defaultReward2Text Reward yourself Reward urself
defaultReward2Notes Watch TV, play a game, eat a treat, it's up to you! Wach TV, play gaem, eet treet, itz up 2 u!
defaultReward1Text 15 minute break 15 mins breaks
defaultHabitText Click here to edit this into a bad habit you'd like to quit Clik here 2 edit into bad habit ud liek 2 kwit
defaultHabitNotes Or delete from the edit screen Or delet frum teh edit screen
defaultHabit4Text Add a task to Habitica Add task 2 Habitica