Key English English (en@lolcat)
selfCareTodoText Engage in a fun activity I can haz fun activitie
selfCareTodoNotes Tap to specify what you plan to do! Tap 2 specify wat u plan 2 do!
choresHabit 10 minutes cleaning 10 minuets cleenin
choresDailyText Wash dishes Wash dishez
choresDailyNotes Tap to choose your schedule! Tap 2 choosed ur skedul!
choresTodoText Organize closet >> Organize clutter Organize closet >> Organize cluttr
choresTodoNotes Tap to specify the cluttered area! Tap 2 specify teh cluttrd plas!
creativityHabit Study a master of the craft >> + Practiced a new creative technique Study master of teh craf >> + Practicd new creatif techneek
creativityDailyText Work on creative project Werk on creatif projekd
creativityDailyNotes Tap to specify the name of your current project + set the schedule! Tap 2 specify teh naem of ur currnt projekd + set teh skedul!
creativityTodoText Finish creative project Finish creatif projekd
creativityTodoNotes Tap to specify the name of your project Tap 2 specify teh naem of ur projekd
defaultHabitText Click here to edit this into a bad habit you'd like to quit Clik here 2 edit into bad habit ud liek 2 kwit
defaultHabitNotes Or delete from the edit screen Or delet frum teh edit screen