Key English Cebuano
defaultHabit1Text Productive Work (Click the pencil to edit)
defaultHabit2Text Eat Junk Food (Click the pencil to edit)
defaultHabit3Text Take the Stairs/Elevator (Click the pencil to edit)
defaultHabit4Text Add a task to Habitica
defaultHabit4Notes Either a Habit, a Daily, or a To Do
defaultTodo1Text Join Habitica (Check me off!)
defaultTodoNotes You can either complete this To Do, edit it, or remove it.
defaultReward1Text 15 minute break
defaultReward2Text Reward yourself
defaultReward2Notes Watch TV, play a game, eat a treat, it's up to you!
defaultTag1 Work
defaultTag2 Exercise
defaultTag3 Health + Wellness
defaultTag4 School
defaultTag5 Teams
defaultTag6 Chores
defaultTag7 Creativity
workHabitMail Process email
workDailyImportantTask Most important task >> Worked on today’s most important task
workDailyImportantTaskNotes Tap to specify your most important task