Key English Chinese (Hong Kong)
lostAllHealth You ran out of Health! 你的生命值全用光了!
dontDespair Don't despair! 先別絕望!
deathPenaltyDetails You lost a Level, your Gold, and a piece of Equipment, but you can get them all back with hard work! Good luck--you'll do great. 你的等級降下一級,也失去了你的金幣和一件裝備;但只要你繼續努力,這一切都可以賺回來。加油!你一定會成功!
refillHealthTryAgain Refill Health & Try Again 回復生命值,再來一次
dyingOftenTips Is this happening often? <a href='' target='_blank'>Here are some tips!</a> 慘劇不斷重演?<a href='' target='_blank'>這些提示</a>應能幫得上忙!
losingHealthWarning Careful - You're Losing Health! 小心-你的生命值正在一點一滴地流走!
losingHealthWarning2 Don't let your Health drop to zero! If you do, you'll lose a level, your Gold, and a piece of equipment. 小心別讓生命值降至零!你的等級會降下一級,也會失去金幣和一件裝備。
toRegainHealth To regain Health: 要恢復生命值:
lowHealthTips1 Level up to fully heal! 提升等級可以完全恢復生命值!
lowHealthTips2 Buy a Health Potion from the Rewards column to restore 15 Health Points. 從獎勵欄買治療藥水來恢復15點生命值。
losingHealthQuickly Losing Health quickly? 生命值丟得太快了?
lowHealthTips3 Incomplete Dailies hurt you overnight, so be careful not to add too many at first! 未完成的每日任務會令你隔夜流失生命值,小心別一次過增加太多每日任務!
lowHealthTips4 If a Daily isn't due on a certain day, you can disable it by clicking the pencil icon. 如果某一天不需要做每日任務,您可以通過點擊鉛筆圖標停用它。
goodLuck Good luck! 祝你好運!
cannotRevive Cannot revive if not dead 還沒死亡,未能復活