Key English Scots
lostAllHealth You ran out of Health! Ye ran oot o Halth!
dontDespair Don't despair! Dinna wanhowp!
deathPenaltyDetails You lost a Level, your Gold, and a piece of Equipment, but you can get them all back with hard work! Good luck--you'll do great. Ye lost a level, yer Gowd, an a piece o graith, but ye can git thaim aw back wi haurd wark! Guid luck - ye'll dae braw.
refillHealthTryAgain Refill Health & Try Again Refill Halth & Try Again
dyingOftenTips Is this happening often? <a href='' target='_blank'>Here are some tips!</a> Is this happenin aften? <a href='' target='_blank'>Here are some tips!</a>
losingHealthWarning Careful - You're Losing Health! Carefu - Ye're Lossin Halth!
losingHealthWarning2 Don't let your Health drop to zero! If you do, you'll lose a level, your Gold, and a piece of equipment. Dinna lat yer Halth drap tae zero! Gin ye dae, ye'll loss a level, yer Gowd an a peice o graith.
toRegainHealth To regain Health: Tae regain Halth:
lowHealthTips1 Level up to fully heal! Level up tae fully heal!
lowHealthTips2 Buy a Health Potion from the Rewards column to restore 15 Health Points. Buy a Halth Potion frae the Rewairds column tae cower 15 Halth Pynts.
losingHealthQuickly Losing Health quickly? Lossin Halth swith?
lowHealthTips3 Incomplete Dailies hurt you overnight, so be careful not to add too many at first! Un-feenisht Dailies hurt ye owernicht, sae be farefu no tae add ower money at first!
lowHealthTips4 If a Daily isn't due on a certain day, you can disable it by clicking the pencil icon. Gin a Daily isna due on a certain day, ye can disable it bi clickin on the pincil icon.
goodLuck Good luck! Guid lick!
cannotRevive Cannot revive if not dead Canna revive gin no deed