Key English Latin
lostAllHealth You ran out of Health! Valitudo evanuit!
dontDespair Don't despair! Noli desperare!
deathPenaltyDetails You lost a Level, your Gold, and a piece of Equipment, but you can get them all back with hard work! Good luck--you'll do great. Gradum et tuum Aurum et rem Armamentorum perdidisti, sed omnia opere laborioso potes reconciliare! Bonam fortunam--optime ages.
refillHealthTryAgain Refill Health & Try Again Reconcilia Valitudinem & Retenta
dyingOftenTips Is this happening often? <a href='' target='_blank'>Here are some tips!</a> Evenitne haec saepe? <a href='' target='_blank'>Hic monitūs sunt!</a>
losingHealthWarning Careful - You're Losing Health! Es cautus - Amittis Valitudinem!
losingHealthWarning2 Don't let your Health drop to zero! If you do, you'll lose a level, your Gold, and a piece of equipment. Tuam Valitudinem non patere nihilo decrescere! Si hoc pateris, amittes et Gradum Aurumque tuum partemque Armamentorum.
toRegainHealth To regain Health: Ut Valitudinem relegas:
lowHealthTips1 Level up to fully heal! Tuum Gradum auge ut plene medices!
lowHealthTips2 Buy a Health Potion from the Rewards column to restore 15 Health Points. Potionem Sanantem ex Praemiorum columna eme ut 15 Puncta Valitudinis restaures.
losingHealthQuickly Losing Health quickly? Amittisne Valitudinem cito?
lowHealthTips3 Incomplete Dailies hurt you overnight, so be careful not to add too many at first! Nocte cotidiana infecta te vulnerant, ergo cave ut multa initio non adderes!
lowHealthTips4 If a Daily isn't due on a certain day, you can disable it by clicking the pencil icon. Si cotidianum quaedam die non debitum est, premas iconem stili plumbati ut cotidianum debilitetur.
goodLuck Good luck! Bonam fortunam!
cannotRevive Cannot revive if not dead Si mortuus non es, non potes revivere te