Key English Javanese
foodPieDesertA a slice of Desert Dessert Pie
foodPieRed Red Cherry Pie
foodPieRedThe the Red Cherry Pie
foodPieRedA a slice of Red Cherry Pie
premiumPotionUnlimitedNotes Not usable on quest pet eggs.
hatchingPotionAmber Amber
hatchingPotionAurora Aurora
hatchingPotionRuby Ruby
hatchingPotionBirchBark Birch Bark
hatchingPotionDessert Confection
hatchingPotionFluorite Fluorite
hatchingPotionSandSculpture Sand Sculpture
hatchingPotionWindup Wind-Up
hatchingPotionTurquoise Turquoise
hatchingPotionVampire Vampire
hatchingPotionAutumnLeaf Autumn Leaf
hatchingPotionBlackPearl Black Pearl
hatchingPotionStainedGlass Stained Glass
hatchingPotionPolkaDot Polka Dot
hatchingPotionMossyStone Mossy Stone