Key English Galician
hatchingPotionStainedGlass Stained Glass
hatchingPotionPolkaDot Polka Dot
hatchingPotionMossyStone Mossy Stone
hatchingPotionSunset Sunset
hatchingPotionMoonglow Moonglow
hatchingPotionSolarSystem Solar System
hatchingPotionOnyx Onyx
premiumPotionUnlimitedNotes Not usable on quest pet eggs.
foodPieSkeleton Bone Marrow Pot Pie
foodPieSkeletonThe the Bone Marrow Pot Pie
foodPieSkeletonA a slice of Bone Marrow Pot Pie
foodPieBase Basic Apple Pie
foodPieBaseThe the Basic Apple Pie
foodPieBaseA a slice of Basic Apple Pie
foodPieCottonCandyBlue Blueberry Pie
foodPieCottonCandyBlueThe the Blueberry Pie
foodPieCottonCandyBlueA a slice of Blueberry Pie
foodPieCottonCandyPink Pink Rhubarb Pie
foodPieCottonCandyPinkThe the Pink Rhubarb Pie
foodPieCottonCandyPinkA a slice of Pink Rhubarb Pie