Key English Galician
hatchingPotionVirtualPet Virtual Pet
foodPieWhite Vanilla Pudding Pie
foodPieWhiteThe the Vanilla Pudding Pie
foodPieZombieThe the Rotten Pie
foodPieRedThe the Red Cherry Pie
foodPieCottonCandyPinkThe the Pink Rhubarb Pie
foodPieGoldenThe the Golden Banana Cream Pie
foodPieDesertThe the Desert Dessert Pie
foodPieShadeThe the Dark Chocolate Pie
foodPieSkeletonThe the Bone Marrow Pot Pie
foodPieCottonCandyBlueThe the Blueberry Pie
foodPieBaseThe the Basic Apple Pie
hatchingPotionStainedGlass Stained Glass
hatchingPotionSolarSystem Solar System
hatchingPotionSandSculpture Sand Sculpture
foodPieRed Red Cherry Pie
hatchingPotionPolkaDot Polka Dot
foodPieCottonCandyPink Pink Rhubarb Pie
premiumPotionUnlimitedNotes Not usable on quest pet eggs.
hatchingPotionMossyStone Mossy Stone