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Key English Afrikaans
potionText Health Potion Gesondheid Doepa
potionNotes Recover 15 Health (Instant Use) Herstel 15 Gesondheid ( Dadelike Gebruik )
armoireText Enchanted Armoire Betower Armoire
armoireNotesFull Open the Armoire to randomly receive special Equipment, Experience, or food! Equipment pieces remaining: Maak die Armoire oop om ewekansige Toerusting, Ondervinding, of kos te kry! Toerusting dele oorblywende:
armoireLastItem You've found the last piece of rare Equipment in the Enchanted Armoire. Jy het die laste deel rare Toerusting in die Betower Armoire gevind.
dropEggWolfText Wolf Wolf
dropEggWolfMountText Wolf Wolf
dropEggWolfAdjective a loyal a loyal
dropEggTigerCubText Tiger Cub Tier Welpie
dropEggTigerCubMountText Tiger Tier
dropEggTigerCubAdjective a fierce a fierce
dropEggPandaCubText Panda Cub Panda Welpie
dropEggPandaCubMountText Panda Panda
dropEggPandaCubAdjective a gentle a gentle
dropEggLionCubText Lion Cub Leeu Welpie
dropEggLionCubMountText Lion Leeu
dropEggLionCubAdjective a regal a regal
dropEggFoxText Fox Vos
dropEggFoxMountText Fox Fox
dropEggFoxAdjective a wily a wily