Key English Serbian
commGuidePara017 Here's the quick version, but we encourage you to read in more detail below:
commGuideList01A Terms & Conditions apply across all spaces, including private guilds, party chat, and messages.
commGuideList01B Prohibited: Any communication that is violent, threatening, promoting of discrimination etc. including memes, images, and jokes.
commGuideList01C All discussions must be appropriate for all ages and be free of profanity.
commGuideList01D Please comply with mod requests.
commGuideList01E Do not instigate or engage in contentious conversation in the Tavern.
commGuideList01F No begging for paid items, spamming, or large header text/all caps.
commGuideList02M Do not ask or beg for gems, subscriptions or membership in Group Plans. This is not allowed in the Tavern, public or private chat spaces, or in PMs. If you receive messages asking for paid items, please report them by flagging. Repeated or severe gem or subscription begging, especially after a warning, may result in an account ban.
commGuideList05H Severe or repeated attempts to defraud or pressure other players for real-money items
commGuideList09D Removal or demotion of Contributor Tiers