Key English
selectMember Select Member
selectChallengeWinnersDescription Select a winner from the Challenge participants
selectWinner Select a winner and close the challenge:
selectParticipant Select a Participant
removeIt Remove It
publicChallengesTitle Public Challenges
tavChalsMinPrize Prize must be at least 1 Gem for Public Challenges.
prize Prize
participating Participating
participantsTitle Participants
ownership Ownership
owned Owned
onlyGroupLeaderChal Only the group leader can create challenges
onlyLeaderUpdateChal Only the challenge leader can update it.
onlyLeaderDeleteChal Only the challenge leader can delete it.
cantOnlyUnlinkChalTask Only broken challenges tasks can be unlinked.
categoiresRequired One or more categories must be selected
not_participating Not Participating
not_owned Not Owned
noChallengeOwner no owner