Key English Sundanese
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backgrounds022019 SET 57: Released February 2019
backgroundMedievalKitchenText Medieval Kitchen
backgroundMedievalKitchenNotes Cook up a storm in a Medieval Kitchen.
backgroundOldFashionedBakeryText Old-Fashioned Bakery
backgroundOldFashionedBakeryNotes Enjoy delicious smells outside an Old-Fashioned Bakery.
backgroundValentinesDayFeastingHallText Valentine's Day Feasting Hall
backgroundValentinesDayFeastingHallNotes Feel the love in a Valentine's Day Feasting Hall.
backgrounds032019 SET 58: Released March 2019
backgroundDuckPondText Duck Pond
backgroundDuckPondNotes Feed aquatic birds at the Duck Pond.
backgroundFieldWithColoredEggsText Field with Colored Eggs
backgroundFieldWithColoredEggsNotes Hunt for springtime treasure in a Field with Colored Eggs.
backgroundFlowerMarketText Flower Market
backgroundFlowerMarketNotes Find the perfect colors for bouquet or garden in a Flower Market.
backgrounds042019 SET 59: Released April 2019
backgroundBirchForestText Birch Forest
backgroundBirchForestNotes Dally in a peaceful Birch Forest.
backgroundHalflingsHouseText Halfling's House
backgroundHalflingsHouseNotes Visit a charming Halfling's House.