Key English Norwegian Bokmål
backgroundAirshipNotes Become a sky sailor on board your very own Airship.
backgroundSaltLakeNotes Behold the striking red ripples of a Salt Lake.
backgroundForestedLakeshoreNotes Be the envy of your Party with your choice spot on the Forested Lakeshore.
backgroundBirthdayPartyText Birthday Party
backgroundBlossomingDesertText Blossoming Desert
backgroundBlossomingTreesText Blossoming Trees
backgroundInAnAncientTombNotes Brave the mysteries of an Ancient Tomb.
backgroundBrickWallWithIvyText Brick Wall with Ivy
backgroundSteamworksNotes Build mighty contraptions of vapor and steel in a Steamworks.
backgroundButterflyGardenText Butterfly Garden
backgroundCampingOutText Camping Out
backgroundCastleGateText Castle Gate
backgroundBirthdayPartyNotes Celebrate the Birthday Party of your favorite Habitican.
backgroundFlyingInAThunderstormNotes Chase a Tumultuous Thunderstorm as closely as you dare.
backgroundSnowyFarmNotes Check that everyone is well and warm on your Snowy Farm.
backgroundInAClassroomText Classroom
backgroundSpiralStaircaseNotes Climb up, down, round and round a Spiral Staircase.
backgroundClocktowerText Clock Tower
backgroundClotheslineText Clothesline
backgroundMedievalKitchenNotes Cook up a storm in a Medieval Kitchen.