Key English Norwegian Bokmål
backgroundSwimmingAmongJellyfishText Swimming Among Jellyfish
backgroundUnderwaterVentsNotes Take a deep dive down, down to the Underwater Vents.
backgroundProductivityPlazaNotes Take an inspirational stroll through Habit City's Productivity Plaza.
backgroundRainyBarnyardNotes Take a soggy splashy stroll through a Rainy Barnyard.
backgroundSucculentGardenNotes Take in the arid beauty of a Succulent Garden.
backgroundFlyingOverAnAutumnForestNotes Take in the brilliant colors below while Flying Over an Autumn Forest.
backgroundSpringtimeLakeNotes Take in the sights along the shores of a Springtime Lake.
backgroundGingerbreadHouseNotes Take in the sights, scents, and (if you dare) flavors of a Gingerbread House.
backgroundAutumnFlowerGardenNotes Take in the warmth of an Autumn Flower Garden.
backgroundTeaPartyText Tea Party
backgroundSwimmingAmongJellyfishNotes Thrill with beauty and danger Swimming Among Jellyfish.
backgroundThroneRoomText Throne Room
backgroundTreehouseText Treehouse
backgroundDragonsLairNotes Try not to disturb the occupant of the Dragon's Lair.
backgroundHauntedForestNotes Try not to get lost in the Haunted Forest.
backgroundUndeadHandsNotes Try to escape from the clutches of Undead Hands.
backgroundFlyingInAThunderstormText Tumultuous Thunderstorm
backgroundUndeadHandsText Undead Hands
backgroundUnderwaterAmongKoiText Underwater Among Koi
backgroundUnderwaterRuinsText Underwater Ruins