Key English Norwegian Bokmål
backgroundInAClassroomNotes Absorb knowledge from your mentors in a Classroom.
backgroundAmongCattailsNotes Admire wetland wildlife Among Cattails.
backgroundWinterCanyonNotes Adventure in a Winter Canyon!
backgroundAfternoonPicnicText Afternoon Picnic
backgroundAirshipText Airship
backgroundAmidAncientRuinsText Amid Ancient Ruins
backgroundAmongCattailsText Among Cattails
backgroundAmongGiantAnemonesText Among Giant Anemones
backgroundAmongGiantFlowersText Among Giant Flowers
backgroundInAnAncientTombText Ancient Tomb
backgroundAnimalCloudsText Animal Clouds
backgroundHallOfHeroesNotes Approach the Hall of Heroes with appreciation and reverence.
backgroundAutumnFlowerGardenText Autumn Flower Garden
backgroundAutumnLakeshoreText Autumn Lakeshore
backgroundAutumnPoplarsText Autumn Poplar Forest
backgroundWinterNocturneNotes Bask in the starlight of a Winter Nocturne.
backgroundJungleCanopyNotes Bask in the sweltering splendor of a Jungle Canopy.
backgroundDaytimeMistyForestNotes Bathe in the glow of daylight streaming through a Misty Forest.
backgroundBeachCabanaText Beach Cabana
backgroundAirshipNotes Become a sky sailor on board your very own Airship.