Key English Norwegian Bokmål
backgroundCampingOutNotes Enjoy the outdoors by Camping Out.
backgroundCampingOutText Camping Out
backgroundCastleGateNotes Stand guard at the Castle Gate.
backgroundCastleGateText Castle Gate
backgroundClocktowerNotes Situate your secret lair behind the face of a Clock Tower.
backgroundClocktowerText Clock Tower
backgroundClotheslineNotes Hang out with the clothes drying on a Clothesline.
backgroundClotheslineText Clothesline
backgroundCottageConstructionNotes Help out with, or at least supervise, a Cottage Under Construction.
backgroundCottageConstructionText Cottage Under Construction
backgroundCrescentMoonNotes Do the work of dreams while seated upon a Crescent Moon.
backgroundCrescentMoonText Crescent Moon
backgroundCrypticCandlesNotes Summon arcane forces among Cryptic Candles.
backgroundCrypticCandlesText Cryptic Candles
backgroundDaytimeMistyForestNotes Bathe in the glow of daylight streaming through a Misty Forest.
backgroundDaytimeMistyForestText Misty Forest
backgroundDesertWithSnowNotes Witness the rare and quiet beauty of a Snowy Desert.
backgroundDesertWithSnowText Snowy Desert
backgroundDragonsLairNotes Try not to disturb the occupant of the Dragon's Lair.
backgroundDragonsLairText Dragon's Lair