Key English Norwegian Bokmål
backgroundAutumnPoplarsNotes Delight in the brilliant shades of brown and gold in an Autumn Poplar Forest.
backgroundAutumnPoplarsText Autumn Poplar Forest
backgroundBeachCabanaNotes Relax in the shade of a Beach Cabana.
backgroundBeachCabanaText Beach Cabana
backgroundBeachWithDunesNotes Explore a beach with dunes.
backgroundBeachWithDunesText Beach With Dunes
backgroundBirthdayPartyNotes Celebrate the Birthday Party of your favorite Habitican.
backgroundBirthdayPartyText Birthday Party
backgroundBlossomingDesertNotes Witness a rare superbloom in the Blossoming Desert.
backgroundBlossomingDesertText Blossoming Desert
backgroundBlossomingTreesNotes Dally beneath Blossoming Trees.
backgroundBlossomingTreesText Blossoming Trees
backgroundBrickWallWithIvyNotes Admire a Brick Wall with Ivy.
backgroundBrickWallWithIvyText Brick Wall with Ivy
backgroundButterflyGardenNotes Party with pollinators in a Butterfly Garden.
backgroundButterflyGardenText Butterfly Garden
backgroundCampingOutNotes Enjoy the outdoors by Camping Out.
backgroundCampingOutText Camping Out
backgroundCastleGateNotes Stand guard at the Castle Gate.
backgroundCastleGateText Castle Gate