Key English Norwegian Bokmål
backgroundStrawberryPatchText Strawberry Patch
backgroundSucculentGardenNotes Take in the arid beauty of a Succulent Garden.
backgroundSucculentGardenText Succulent Garden
backgroundSwimmingAmongJellyfishNotes Thrill with beauty and danger Swimming Among Jellyfish.
backgroundSwimmingAmongJellyfishText Swimming Among Jellyfish
backgroundTeaPartyNotes Partake in a fancy Tea Party.
backgroundTeaPartyText Tea Party
backgroundThroneRoomNotes Grant an audience in your luxurious Throne Room.
backgroundThroneRoomText Throne Room
backgroundTreehouseNotes Hang out in an arboreal hideaway all to yourself, in your very own Treehouse.
backgroundTreehouseText Treehouse
backgroundUndeadHandsNotes Try to escape from the clutches of Undead Hands.
backgroundUndeadHandsText Undead Hands
backgroundUnderwaterAmongKoiNotes Dazzle and be dazzled by glittering carp, Underwater Among Koi.
backgroundUnderwaterAmongKoiText Underwater Among Koi
backgroundUnderwaterCaveNotes Explore an Underwater Cave.
backgroundUnderwaterCaveText Underwater Cave
backgroundUnderwaterRuinsNotes Explore Underwater Ruins sunk long ago.
backgroundUnderwaterRuinsText Underwater Ruins
backgroundUnderwaterStatuesNotes Try not to blink in an Underwater Statue Garden.