Key English Norwegian Bokmål
backgroundSaltLakeNotes Behold the striking red ripples of a Salt Lake.
backgroundSaltLakeText Salt Lake
backgroundSchoolOfFishNotes Swim among a School of Fish.
backgroundSchoolOfFishText School of Fish
backgroundSeasideCliffsNotes Stand on a beach with the beauty of Seaside Cliffs above.
backgroundSeasideCliffsText Seaside Cliffs
backgroundSnowglobeNotes Shake up a Snowglobe and take your place in a microcosm of a winter landscape.
backgroundSnowglobeText Snowglobe
backgroundSnowyFarmNotes Check that everyone is well and warm on your Snowy Farm.
backgroundSnowyFarmText Snowy Farm
backgroundSpiralStaircaseNotes Climb up, down, round and round a Spiral Staircase.
backgroundSpiralStaircaseText Spiral Staircase
backgroundSplashInAPuddleNotes Enjoy the sequel to the storm by Splashing in a Puddle.
backgroundSplashInAPuddleText Splashing in a Puddle
backgroundSpookyScarecrowFieldNotes Prove you're more daring than a bird by braving a Spooky Scarecrow Field.
backgroundSpookyScarecrowFieldText Spooky Scarecrow Field
backgroundSpringThawNotes Watch winter yield to the Spring Thaw.
backgroundSpringThawText Spring Thaw
backgroundSpringtimeLakeNotes Take in the sights along the shores of a Springtime Lake.
backgroundSpringtimeLakeText Springtime Lake