Key English Norwegian Bokmål
backgroundBeachCabanaNotes Relax in the shade of a Beach Cabana.
backgroundAutumnPoplarsText Autumn Poplar Forest
backgroundAutumnPoplarsNotes Delight in the brilliant shades of brown and gold in an Autumn Poplar Forest.
backgroundAutumnLakeshoreText Autumn Lakeshore
backgroundAutumnLakeshoreNotes Pause at an Autumn Lakeshore to appreciate the reflection of woods on water.
backgroundAutumnFlowerGardenText Autumn Flower Garden
backgroundAutumnFlowerGardenNotes Take in the warmth of an Autumn Flower Garden.
backgroundAnimalsDenText Woodland Critter's Den
backgroundAnimalsDenNotes Cozy up in a Woodland Critter's Den.
backgroundAnimalCloudsText Animal Clouds
backgroundAnimalCloudsNotes Exercise your imagination finding Animal shapes in the Clouds.
backgroundAmongGiantFlowersText Among Giant Flowers
backgroundAmongGiantFlowersNotes Dally on and Among Giant Flowers.
backgroundAmongGiantAnemonesText Among Giant Anemones
backgroundAmongGiantAnemonesNotes Explore reef life, protected from predators Among Giant Anemones.
backgroundAmongCattailsText Among Cattails
backgroundAmongCattailsNotes Admire wetland wildlife Among Cattails.
backgroundAmidAncientRuinsText Amid Ancient Ruins
backgroundAmidAncientRuinsNotes Stand in reverence of the mysterious past Amid Ancient Ruins.
backgroundAirshipText Airship