Key English Hindi
backgroundFarmersMarketNotes Shop for the freshest of foods at the Farmers' Market.
backgroundFlyingInAThunderstormText Tumultuous Thunderstorm
backgroundFlyingInAThunderstormNotes Chase a Tumultuous Thunderstorm as closely as you dare.
backgroundPotionShopText Potion Shop
backgroundPotionShopNotes Find an elixir for any ailment at a Potion Shop.
backgrounds122019 SET 67: Released December 2019
backgroundHolidayMarketText Holiday Market
backgroundHolidayMarketNotes Find the perfect gifts and decorations at a Holiday Market.
backgroundHolidayWreathText Holiday Wreath
backgroundHolidayWreathNotes Festoon your avatar with a fragrant Holiday Wreath.
backgroundWinterNocturneText Winter Nocturne
backgroundWinterNocturneNotes Bask in the starlight of a Winter Nocturne.
backgrounds012020 SET 68: Released January 2020
backgroundBirthdayPartyText Birthday Party
backgroundBirthdayPartyNotes Celebrate the Birthday Party of your favorite Habitican.
backgroundDesertWithSnowText Snowy Desert
backgroundDesertWithSnowNotes Witness the rare and quiet beauty of a Snowy Desert.
backgroundSnowglobeText Snowglobe
backgroundSnowglobeNotes Shake up a Snowglobe and take your place in a microcosm of a winter landscape.
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