Key English Hindi
backgroundGiantDandelionsText Giant Dandelions
backgroundGiantDandelionsNotes Dally among Giant Dandelions.
backgroundTreehouseText Treehouse
backgroundTreehouseNotes Hang out in an arboreal hideaway all to yourself, in your very own Treehouse.
backgrounds092019 SET 64: Released September 2019
backgroundAutumnFlowerGardenText Autumn Flower Garden
backgroundAutumnFlowerGardenNotes Take in the warmth of an Autumn Flower Garden.
backgroundInAnAncientTombText Ancient Tomb
backgroundInAnAncientTombNotes Brave the mysteries of an Ancient Tomb.
backgroundInAClassroomText Classroom
backgroundInAClassroomNotes Absorb knowledge from your mentors in a Classroom.
backgrounds102019 SET 65: Released October 2019
backgroundFoggyMoorText Foggy Moor
backgroundFoggyMoorNotes Watch your step traversing a Foggy Moor.
backgroundPumpkinCarriageText Pumpkin Carriage
backgroundPumpkinCarriageNotes Ride in an enchanted Pumpkin Carriage before the clock strikes midnight.
backgroundMonsterMakersWorkshopText Monster Maker's Workshop
backgroundMonsterMakersWorkshopNotes Experiment with discredited sciences in a Monster Maker's Workshop.
backgrounds112019 SET 66: Released November 2019
backgroundFarmersMarketText Farmers' Market