Key English Hindi
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backgroundParkWithStatueNotes Follow a flower-lined path through a Park with a Statue.
backgroundRainbowMeadowText Rainbow Meadow
backgroundRainbowMeadowNotes Find the pot of gold where a Rainbow ends in a Meadow.
backgrounds062019 SET 61: Released June 2019
backgroundSchoolOfFishText School of Fish
backgroundSchoolOfFishNotes Swim among a School of Fish.
backgroundSeasideCliffsText Seaside Cliffs
backgroundSeasideCliffsNotes Stand on a beach with the beauty of Seaside Cliffs above.
backgroundUnderwaterVentsText Underwater Vents
backgroundUnderwaterVentsNotes Take a deep dive down, down to the Underwater Vents.
backgrounds072019 SET 62: Released July 2019
backgroundLakeWithFloatingLanternsText Lake with Floating Lanterns
backgroundLakeWithFloatingLanternsNotes Stargaze from the festival atmosphere of a Lake with Floating Lanterns.
backgroundFlyingOverTropicalIslandsText Flying over Tropical Islands
backgroundFlyingOverTropicalIslandsNotes Let the view take your breath away as you Fly over Tropical Islands.
backgroundAmongGiantAnemonesText Among Giant Anemones
backgroundAmongGiantAnemonesNotes Explore reef life, protected from predators Among Giant Anemones.
backgrounds082019 SET 63: Released August 2019
backgroundAmidAncientRuinsText Amid Ancient Ruins