Key English Hindi
backgroundBlueNotes A basic blue backdrop. सरल नीला पृष्ठभूमि।
backgroundInAClassroomNotes Absorb knowledge from your mentors in a Classroom.
backgroundBrickWallWithIvyNotes Admire a Brick Wall with Ivy.
backgroundMountainWaterfallNotes Admire a mountain waterfall.
backgroundOceanSunriseNotes Admire an Ocean Sunrise. समुद्र का उषा को गुण गाना।
backgroundRainbowEucalyptusNotes Admire a Rainbow Eucalyptus grove.
backgroundStarryWinterNightNotes Admire a Starry Winter Night. Admire a Starry Winter Night.
backgroundSunsetMeadowNotes Admire a Sunset Meadow. एक सूर्यास्त मैदानी प्रशंसा करता हूँ।
backgroundStainedGlassNotes Admire some Stained Glass. सुंदर रंगीन कांच को निहारें।
backgroundCherryTreesNotes Admire the Cherry Trees in blossom. फूलों से ढके चेरी के पेड़ों की प्रशंसा।
backgroundBioluminescentWavesNotes Admire the glow of Bioluminescent Waves.
backgroundPyramidsNotes Admire the Pyramids. स्मारक को प्रशंसा करना।
backgroundAmongCattailsNotes Admire wetland wildlife Among Cattails.
backgroundWinterCanyonNotes Adventure in a Winter Canyon!
backgroundAfternoonPicnicText Afternoon Picnic
backgroundGreenNotes A great green backdrop. महान हरा पृष्ठभूमि।
backgroundAirshipText Airship
backgroundAlpineSlopesText Alpine Slopes बर्फ के पहाड़
backgroundAmidAncientRuinsText Amid Ancient Ruins
backgroundAmongCattailsText Among Cattails