Key English Hindi
backgroundSpookyRuinsNotes Explore some Spooky Ruins.
backgroundMaskMakersWorkshopText Mask Maker's Workshop
backgroundMaskMakersWorkshopNotes Try on a new face at the Mask Maker's Workshop.
backgroundCemeteryGateText Cemetery Gate
backgroundCemeteryGateNotes Haunt a Cemetery Gate.
backgrounds112022 SET 102: Released November 2022
backgroundAmongGiantMushroomsText Among Giant Mushrooms
backgroundAmongGiantMushroomsNotes Marvel at Giant Mushrooms.
backgroundMistyAutumnForestText Misty Autumn Forest
backgroundMistyAutumnForestNotes Wander through a Misty Autumn Forest.
backgroundAutumnBridgeText Bridge in Autumn
backgroundAutumnBridgeNotes Admire the beauty of a Bridge in Autumn.
timeTravelBackgrounds Steampunk Backgrounds
backgroundAirshipText Airship
backgroundAirshipNotes Become a sky sailor on board your very own Airship.
backgroundSteamworksText Steamworks
backgroundSteamworksNotes Build mighty contraptions of vapor and steel in a Steamworks.
backgroundClocktowerText Clock Tower
backgroundClocktowerNotes Situate your secret lair behind the face of a Clock Tower.