Key English Chinese (Simplified)
achievementSeeingRedModalText You collected all the Red Pets! 你集齐了所有红色宠物!
achievementRedLetterDay Red Letter Day 大喜之日
achievementRedLetterDayText Has tamed all Red Mounts. 已驯服所有红色坐骑。
achievementRedLetterDayModalText You tamed all the Red Mounts! 你驯服了所有红色坐骑!
achievementLegendaryBestiary Legendary Bestiary 传奇神兽
achievementLegendaryBestiaryText Has hatched all standard colors of mythical pets: Dragon, Flying Pig, Gryphon, Sea Serpent, and Unicorn! 已孵化所有基础颜色的神话宠物:龙,飞猪,狮鹫,海蛇和独角兽!
achievementLegendaryBestiaryModalText You collected all the mythical pets! 你集齐了所有神话宠物!
achievementSeasonalSpecialist Seasonal Specialist 季节专家
achievementSeasonalSpecialistText Has completed all the Spring and Winter seasonal quests: Egg Hunt, Trapper Santa, and Find the Cub! 已完成所有春季和冬季副本:找彩蛋、圣诞偷猎者和找熊崽!
achievementSeasonalSpecialistModalText You completed all the seasonal quests! 你完成了所有季节副本!
achievementVioletsAreBlue Violets are Blue 蓝色紫罗兰
achievementVioletsAreBlueText Has collected all Cotton Candy Blue Pets. 已集齐所有蓝色棉花糖宠物。
achievementVioletsAreBlueModalText You collected all the Cotton Candy Blue Pets! 你集齐了所有蓝色棉花糖宠物!
achievementWildBlueYonder Wild Blue Yonder 浩淼的蓝色远方
achievementWildBlueYonderText Has tamed all Cotton Candy Blue Mounts. 已驯服所有蓝色棉花糖坐骑。
achievementWildBlueYonderModalText You tamed all the Cotton Candy Blue Mounts! 你驯服了所有蓝色棉花糖坐骑!
achievementDomesticated E-I-E-I-O 咿呀咿呀哟
achievementDomesticatedText Has hatched all standard colors of domesticated pets: Ferret, Guinea Pig, Rooster, Flying Pig, Rat, Bunny, Horse, and Cow! 已孵化所有基础颜色的家养宠物:雪貂、豚鼠、公鸡、飞猪、老鼠、兔子、马和奶牛!
achievementDomesticatedModalText You collected all the domesticated pets! 你集齐了所有家养宠物!
achievementShadyCustomer Shady Customer 暗影之客