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Key English Sinhala
yourRewards Your Rewards
gettingStartedDesc Complete these onboarding tasks and you’ll earn <strong>5 Achievements</strong> and <strong class="gold-amount">100 Gold</strong> once you’re done!
onboardingProgress <%= percentage %>% progress
yourProgress Your Progress
letsGetStarted Let's get started!
viewAchievements View Achievements
earnedAchievement You earned an achievement!
onboardingComplete You completed your onboarding tasks!
onboardingCompleteDesc You earned <strong>5 Achievements</strong> and <strong class="gold-amount">100 Gold</strong> for completing the list.
onboardingCompleteDescSmall If you want even more, check out Achievements and start collecting!
showAllAchievements Show All <%= category %>
hideAchievements Hide <%= category %>
foundNewItems You found new items!
foundNewItemsExplanation Completing tasks gives you a chance to find items, like Eggs, Hatching Potions, and Pet Food.
foundNewItemsCTA Head to your Inventory and try combining your new hatching potion and egg!
achievementLostMasterclasserModalText You completed all sixteen quests in the Masterclasser Quest Series and solved the mystery of the Lost Masterclasser!
achievementMindOverMatter Mind Over Matter
achievementMindOverMatterText Has completed Rock, Slime, and Yarn pet quests.
achievementMindOverMatterModalText You completed the Rock, Slime, and Yarn pet quests!
achievementJustAddWater Just Add Water