Key English Latvian
achievementDustDevilText Has collected all Desert Pets.
achievementDustDevilModalText You collected all the Desert Pets!
achievementPartyUp You teamed up with a party member!
achievementAridAuthority Arid Authority
achievementAridAuthorityText Has tamed all Desert Mounts.
achievementAridAuthorityModalText You tamed all the Desert Mounts!
achievementKickstarter2019 Pin Kickstarter Backer
achievementKickstarter2019Text Backed the 2019 Pin Kickstarter Project
achievementPartyOn Your party grew to 4 members!
achievementMonsterMagus Monster Magus
achievementMonsterMagusText Has collected all Zombie Pets.
achievementMonsterMagusModalText You collected all the Zombie Pets!
achievementUndeadUndertaker Undead Undertaker
achievementUndeadUndertakerText Has tamed all Zombie Mounts.
achievementUndeadUndertakerModalText You tamed all the Zombie Mounts!
achievementCreatedTask Create your first task
achievementCreatedTaskText Created their first task.
achievementCreatedTaskModalText Add a task for something you would like to accomplish this week
achievementCompletedTask Complete a task
achievementCompletedTaskText Completed their first task.