Key English Greek
achievementVioletsAreBlue Violets are Blue
achievementVioletsAreBlueText Has collected all Cotton Candy Blue Pets.
achievementVioletsAreBlueModalText You collected all the Cotton Candy Blue Pets!
achievementWildBlueYonder Wild Blue Yonder
achievementWildBlueYonderText Has tamed all Cotton Candy Blue Mounts.
achievementWildBlueYonderModalText You tamed all the Cotton Candy Blue Mounts!
achievementDomesticated E-I-E-I-O
achievementDomesticatedText Has hatched all standard colors of domesticated pets: Ferret, Guinea Pig, Rooster, Flying Pig, Rat, Bunny, Horse, and Cow!
achievementDomesticatedModalText You collected all the domesticated pets!
achievementShadyCustomer Shady Customer
achievementShadyCustomerText Has collected all Shade Pets.
achievementShadyCustomerModalText You collected all the Shade Pets!
achievementShadeOfItAll The Shade of It All
achievementShadeOfItAllText Has tamed all Shade Mounts.
achievementShadeOfItAllModalText You tamed all the Shade Mounts!
achievementZodiacZookeeper Zodiac Zookeeper
achievementZodiacZookeeperText Has hatched all standard colors of zodiac pets: Rat, Cow, Bunny, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Wolf, Tiger, Flying Pig, and Dragon!
achievementZodiacZookeeperModalText You collected all the zodiac pets!
achievementBirdsOfAFeather Birds of a Feather
achievementBirdsOfAFeatherText Has hatched all standard colors of flying pets: Flying Pig, Owl, Parrot, Pterodactyl, Gryphon, Falcon, Peacock, and Rooster!