Key English Ukrainian
titles.pets_and_mounts Pets & Mounts
titles.pets Pets
titles.mounts Mounts
titles.tavern Tavern Party
titles.guilds Guilds
titles.guild Guild
titles.challenges Challenges
titles.shops Shops
titles.notifications Notifications
titles.hall_of_patrons Hall of Patrons
stats.points_to_allocate %d Point to Allocate
stats.distribute_evenly_help Assigns the same number of points to each attribute.
stats.distribute_class_help Assigns more points to the attributes important to your Class.
stats.distribute_tasks Distribute based on task activity
stats.distribute_tasks_help Assigns points based on the Strength, Intelligence, Constitution, and Perception categories associated with the tasks you complete.
stats.character_build_title Character Build
stats.character_build_text Each level earns you one point to assign to an attribute of your choice. You can do so manually, or let the game decide for you using one of the Automatic Allocation options.
stats.stat_guide Stat guide
stats.strength_title Strength