Key English Polish
abort Abort Przerwij
about.acknowledgements Acknowledgements Uznania
about.export_database Export Database
about.leave_review Leave Review
about.love_open_source Web love open source software.
about.new_version Update available: %@
about.no_email_message Whoops, looks like you haven't set up your email on this phone yet. Configure an account in the iOS mail app to use this quick-reporting option, or just email us directly at %@
about.no_email_title Your email isn't set up yet Twój e-mail nie został jeszcze ustawiony
about.report_bug Report a Bug Zgłoś błąd
about.send_feedback Send Feedback
aboutText About O nas
about.version Version Wersja
about.view_source_code View Source Code Zobacz kod źródłowy Website Strona internetowa
about.whats_new See what's new
accept Accept Zaakceptuj
accessibility.collapse_checklist Collapse Checklist
accessibility.completed Completed Zakończone
accessibility.completed_x Completed %@
accessibility.complete_task Complete Task Wykonaj Zadanie